Let's meditate, in 2024.

Let's meditate, in 2024.

What’s new?
Let’s meditate this question.

The Maison Lévy collection is an ongoing story that is always evolving, a canvas that weaves the new and the old, all together. So, what’s new in the moment I’m writing?
So many small and bigger things that I need you to come with me in the details of the following pages.
What binds what follows?
An invitation to share emotions, a story to be told, a path. I’m learning to meditate, in french to meditate is sometimes used like to think, to process an idea, so, not that kind of meditation but the one that helps us be more present to ourselves. In that path, I’ve found the roots of my love of patterns and colors; far, in the empty moments of my childhood, where boredom is the mother of creativity. For that I am grateful.
Will you come with me?

This is the way.

Nina & Maison Lévy