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I love stripes, don't you? These are inspired by a bolivian fabric for the colours and proportions. The colours refers to the rainbow flag of the people of the Andes.

ANDINE print designed in 2020, from a Nina Bonomo's drawing.
Original artwork: Andine, 2019, Mixed technique on paper, 40 x 21 cm.

Printing type
2D placed pattern / panoramic - NO
3D placed pattern / furniture - NO
Repeated pattern / allover - YES

Printing basecloths
Fabric - Linen 185 gr/m2 - YES
Fabric - Linen 580 gr/m2 - 20 000T - YES
Fabric - Velvet 400 gr/m2 - 60 000T - YES
Wallpaper per square meter - Non woven matte - NO
Wallpaper per square meter - Matte vinylic - NO
Wallpaper per square meter - Textured matte vinylic - NO
Wallpaper per roll - Non woven matte - NO

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