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Hello dear you,

I'm Nina Bonomo and behind Maison Lévy, it is me. Me, who talks to you, welcomes you and share what I've received in life and my sensibility.

I like colors, textures, the imperfections, the asymetry, mixing styles and cultures.

Nothing dehumanized or just because it should be like this.

I like when it moves, lives, the feeling more than the thinking.
I love people, rocks and the sky.

I love you, dear reader and the words that allows me to tell you that. So....

Welcome in our home!

Here you are in our home but at yours a bit too.
Just sneak around, search, let the emotions get to you, and come to us, write to us.
That's what a house is for me, alive, always moving and built thanks to all its members.

At Maison Lévy’s we invite you in our home so you feel good in yours.

Born in 2006 in Paris, Maison Lévy is a company rooted in the pictural creations of a multicultural family.
With its collections of textiles and wallpapers, Maison Lévy brings you on a poetic journey between us and the world, reality and imagination.

Its catalogue is based on a timeless and exclusive library of more than 120 prints designed and made in France.



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