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YRUPE - Haby Bonomo

YRUPE is a guarani word, it means "plate on the water", it names a water lily species. There are a few guarani legends about the origin of the Yrupe flower, here is one of them.Near the Paraná river lived a beautiful woman, as white as the moon and as capricious as the river. Her name was Pakuri, she and Namandu a brave warrior, were madly in love. One day as they were passing near the river, Pakuri threw into the water one of her bracelets to see how strong her lover's feelings were. Pakuri was so in love, that he jumped in the water and drowned.
Mad with grief, she dived into the river which will be her grave.They say that at this moment, a magnificent flower bursted out of the water, its petals were as white as Pakuri on the outside and as red as the loving heart of Namandu on the inside, they were now reunited forever.

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