Cabo verde

Cabo verde

Cabo verde, this small island near the Senegal coast has touched Haby's soul through its colors, music and people's warmness.
This painting says, it is a time to dance. In stormy moments as well as in joyful times, dance! To connect with yourself and others through movement.
Live the moment for what it is.

CABO VERDE print designed in 2013, from a Haby Bonomo's painting.
Original artwork: Cabo verde, 2006, Mixed technique on canvas, 32 x 94 cm.

Printing type
2D placed pattern / panoramic - YES
3D placed pattern / furniture - YES
Repeated pattern / allover - NO

Printing basecloths
Fabric - Linen 185 gr/m2 - YES
Fabric - Linen 580 gr/m2 - 20 000T - YES
Fabric - Velvet 400 gr/m2 - 60 000T - YES
Wallpaper per square meter - Non woven matte - NO
Wallpaper per square meter - Matte vinylic - NO
Wallpaper per square meter - Textured matte vinylic - NO
Wallpaper per roll - Non woven matte - NO