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Maison Lévy
& its colour palette

maisonlevyxmercadier couleur fusain

Born from the encounter of Mercadier French specialist of quality paints and Maison Lévy, designer of decorative objects, a range of 10 exclusive paint colors. Available for sale in March 2019.

Mercadier and Maison Lévy are two humanly scaled companies. They share the common taste for colors, materials and the valorization of craftmanships. Their attraction to their respective universes has led them to work on a range of shades that matches the timeless designs of Maison Lévy.

Each shade is inspired by the wallpapers based on Haby Bonomo's and Nina Bonomo's paintings.

couleur sable   couleur feuillage

couleur rose   couleur eau

couleur amande   couleur nuage

couleur fusain   couleur voilier

The range is distributed by Mercadier
and at Maison Lévy's showroom.

Technical infos - Premium quality:
Matte acrylic paint and washable
Environmentally friendly - A+
1L / 2,5L / 5L